Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Interesting Print Comparisons of CdS

Today, I picked up three newspapers that run Cul de Sac on their comics pages.
There are interesting comparisons of sizes, color and, uh, stretching.
  • The first example is run in the correct proportion, but it's the smallest of the examples because the newspaper is tabloid size.
  • In the second example, notice how the person who lays out the comics page stretched the comic vertically to fit the space provided for the strip.
    Cul de Sac wasn't the only comic strip stretched, which makes the solution simple: print the comics in the proportion in which they were intended and that leaves enough room to, yes you're reading this right, ADD a strip to the comics page.
  • The third example is run in the correct proportion, it's the largest of the examples and it's run in color daily, something that is not new to the comics pages, but also not common.
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