Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mechanic Sketch

Ink, watercolor on 140 lb. cold-pressed watercolor paper.


DillyFae said...

Love the texture with your lines!!! Did you print this one also? I'm interested in getting the printer to keep from tracing onto my watercolor paper...

DillyFae said...

Whoops, Sorry, I was thinking of someone else with the printer that prints waterproof ink on watercolor paper!

Stacy Curtis said...

Hi Annabel!
I know illustrators who go through that process of making a printout of their linework on watercolor paper. It's a nice way to skip the step of tracing the drawing onto watercolor paper and inking it and then painting it and then screwing up and then doing it all over again.
It's a time-saver.
Personally, I want my original art to be original art and not the equivalent of a colored Xerox.
Original linework is beautiful to me.
But if you're an illustrator strapped for time, the inkjet printout is definitely the way to go.

DillyFae said...

Thanks for the input! I'm a tad impatient so I do end up with an image not up to par with my original sketch after I trace to watercolor paper... so the printer appeals to me. But I agree that if I could choose to keep it purely original or print it, I would want the satisfaction of knowing that I didn't need the help of a computer! In due time, I guess... with lots of practice and more patience. :)