Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Banjo Pig Tramp Stamp

The duel of banjo pigs has gone to a new low.
The details: Bar. Late Night. Ballpoint Pen. Drunk Chick. Banjo Pig.

Check out the dueling banjo pigs from these illustrators:

  • Guy Francis
  • Jeff Overturf
  • Jack Foster
  • Paula Becker
  • Bob Nelson
  • Greg Wallace
  • Greg Newbold
  • Doug Jones
  • Sean Ashby
  • Eric Barclay
  • Sam Reed
  • Shane Lewis
  • Tom Lichtenheld

    Jeff Overturf said...

    ummm...strangley this doesn't seem out of place for a banjo pig duel. No one should be surprised.

    Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

    LOL absolutely out of control! Go Banjo pig!

    Greg said...

    I'm kinda scared to see where you go with your next one Stacy. O yeah, Eddie Van Bacon at http://gregwallaceink.blogspot.com.

    Tracy said...

    LMAO...this is taking the duel to a new low! Funny...