Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School Visits!

Mike Knudson, the author of the Raymond and Graham series, and I teamed up for a couple of school visits to Kingsley Elementary School and River Woods Elementary School in Naperville, IL.

We had a blast!
The kids were absolutely terrific and it was uplifting to meet fans of the Raymond and Graham books face-to-face, entertain them and sign and draw in their books.

A special thanks to the fine folks at both these schools for allowing us to come visit your schools!
We appreciate your support!

Here are a few photos:

The awesome set up that the school folks made for us:

Answering (on the left) and Mike (on the right):

Mike's doing the talking and I'm drawing, which is projected up on that screen between the Raymond and Graham banners.
Technology sure has come a long way since overhead projectors and transparencies:

Looking at the drawings:

Two student volunteers help Mike make a point about the writing process:

Photos courtesy of Marcia Bean, Kingsley Elementary School

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