Stacy draws while his dog, Derby, watches.

I draw comics and illustrate children's books.

I grew up reading comics and wanting to be Charles Schulz.
I drew cartoon characters on my classmates' folders for a dollar each and spent all that sweet cash on more markers and paper.

During my senior year in high school, I was asked to draw editorial cartoons for our student newspaper. I didn't know what an editorial cartoon was, but I accepted the offer and fell in love with editorial cartooning.

I drew editorial cartoons for my hometown newspaper, The Bowling Green Daily News, while I waited a semester to become the editorial cartoonist for Western Kentucky University's student newspaper, The College Heights Herald. I drew editorial cartoons for them until the day I graduated. Some people there still remember my cartoons. And not in a good way.

(Editorial cartoon for The Times of Northwest Indiana)

Six months after graduating from WKU, I began a job at The Times of Northwest Indiana, where I drew editorial cartoons for them for 10 years.
In 2006, like many other editorial cartoonists during that time, I was laid off and decided to turn that pink slip into pink lemonade.

I started a new career path as a children's book illustrator and since then, I have illustrated more than 25 children's books, including a New York Times Best Seller, "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids."

I visit several elementary schools every year and give presentations about being an illustrator and the importance of reading, drawing and being creative.

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